First Internet Service Provider (ISP) in North Cyprus

ComTech has been a pioneer in the Information and Communication Technology business with a standing of over 25 years. Founded in 1992, ComTech is the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Northern Cyprus. The company offers systems integration solutions, software, hardware and other key IT solutions in specific subjects. ComTech is the first technology company in Northern Cyprus to provide services with the ISO 20000 certificate. Once again, ComTech is the first ISP in Northern Cyprus to provide sercure e-commerce platforms, that enables its customers to make secure payments using SSL security technology.

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Front of Fiber Internet Access in North Cyprus

ComTech is the first Internet Service Provider Company to provide fiber cable access to multi-storey buildings (Dormitory Buildings, Hotels, and Apartments etc.) and to design the infrastructure of "Smart Building" according to the standards and user habits. ComTech is the first company in North Cyprus to update its technology infrastructure, knowledge and human resources in this field. As a system integrator, Comtech has worked and partnered with various companies to produce different telecom systems for many years. In cooperation with Ericsson, the world leader in communications technology, ComTech has worked on the EU-based NGN / Next Generation Network Project. This project initiated a new era in the island which facilitates the communication infrastructure and telecommunication systems of North Cyprus Since 2014, ComTech has been authorized to supply communication services and Broadband Internet Services via fiber optic cable by the Information Technologies and Communication Authority.