Why Fiber Internet?

Internet at the Speed of Light

100Mbps and 1Gbps speeds are now available in North Cyprus thanks to fiber optic technology.

Fiber optic cable technology consists of an enviroment where signals are carried by light therefore dramatically increases the bandwith provided to the end user. We are talking about a medium in which data is carried at an infinite bandwidth enviroment via laser technology and light. While it is not possible to carry broadband after a few hundred meters with a copper cable, it is still possible to carry broadband even after 20-30 km with fiber.

Uninterrupted - Quality İnternet

Internet access services created using wireless technology (satellite) create very high frequency pollution in North Cyprus and can not guarantee continuity of performance

Unlike the wireless internet solutions built by installing satellites on roofs, there are no breaks and performance degradations in our fiber internet solution. Moreover, since it provides fast troubleshooting and resolving issues in a shorter time period, the QoS (Quality of Service) is very high.

Watch 4K TV with Fiber Internet

It is the only solution for watching 4K TV and above. Other technologies can not provide such a service.

Applications such as high-quality HDTV broadcasts, 4K TV video streaming are only possible at speeds of 30Mbps and above. Fiber optic technology is the only solution to provide these speeds at a steady and reliable manner.

Increase in Property Value

Market research carried out in countries with fiber show that: Fiber internet access increases the value or rental income of buildings and businesses by up to 10-15%

You can add value to your homes and businesses with Comtech Fibernet Internet Services

Smart Home Infrastructure

Comtech’s fiber optic internet technology is the only solution to provide the seamless communication infrastructure required by Secure and Smart Homes.

Thanks to the broadband access offered via fiber optic cable, all sorts of automation applications can be carried out easily. In this respect, it is now possible to control and manage the resources and facilities such as security, fire, energy, heating, cooling, and water supply in our homes by the means of remote and real-time sensors.

Comtech offers you unlimited super speed quality secure fiber internet.

Fiber Internet increases the value of houses, apartments, dormitories and businesses,
That's why Comtech Fibernet!

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