Hotspot Services

Our company has “Customised Hotspot Solutions” for multiple accomodation projects such as University Dormitories, Residances and Hotels. Please contact us about the deatils of our “Customised Hotspot Solution” specially tailored to your needs. Here you can find broad information about our Hotspot Services.

The general approach of our company's Hotspot Solution for Multiple Use Areas is to provide broadband internet access via fiber optic cable at high speeds up to 100 Mbps for every user.This provides uninterrupted and high-quality access to services such as IPTV / Web TV, as well as the Internet access infrastructure and connectivity required for "Smart Room / Secure Room" systems.

(Note: If requested by the customer, we could also offer Wireless solutions instead of Fiber Optic)

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Benefits of our Fiber Optic Hotspot Solution

  • Dormitory students / guests or Residents, in general terms “Internet Users” could enjoy the uninterrupted internet service while watching movies and playing games online.
  • Internet Users do not get cut off while communicating via Skype, Facebook and other popular applications.
  • Internet Users can easily and speedily access their important files, photos and videos via cloud apps such as iCloud, Good Drive, Dropbox and MS One Drive.
  • Internet access devices built on the roofs (Wi-Fi satellites), create very high frequency pollution in North Cyprus and cannot guarantee continuity of performance. Contrary to wireless solutions, the Fiber Internet solution we propose does not suffer from breaking off or poor performance.
  • There is no speed limit to our fiber internet solution, 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps speeds can be provided if desired. Such speeds cannot be provided by other technologies.
  • Our solution does not create any visual and environmental pollution caused by indoor and/or outdoor cabling.
  • The fiber internet solution we are offering enables faster troubleshooting and easy problem solving. Therefore, QoS (Quality of Service) is at a very high level.
  • Buildings' and businesses' value and/or rental income increases by 10-15%
  • It is the only solution for watching 4K TV and over. Other technologies cannot provide such a service.
  • It is the only solution to provide the seamless communication infrastructure required by Smart and Secure Homes.

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Infrastructure Works

Comtech is responsible for determining the fiber optic cable route between the Telecoms Office and the Customer's Building Complex. Additionally to prepare the excavation and pipeline infrastructure required for the fiber optic cable.

Control Server and Automation System Investment

Our company installs an Intelligent Control Server and Automation System in addition to the infrastructure investment mentioned above. Furthermore, Comtech supplies all the necessary monthly TTNet Internet access fees and maintenance support for an uninterrupted quality internet service. Access to the Internet for each System User (Student / Guest / User) takes place after the approval of the Central Server, which includes the EU secure access requirements. The service provided by Comtech is a "secure and controlled" service, and the Central Control Server infrastructure maintains the legal records required by the EU, TR and TRNC BTHK (Information Technology and Communication Authority) institutions.

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